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Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused By Minors May Cause Complications
Legal Team|October 12, 2017|Blog

Single-vehicle accidents are sometimes considered less serious than other types of crashes. However, these motor vehicle accidents can just as easily result in severe injuries or fatalities. It is not uncommon for parties involved in such events to require medical treatment or hospitalization in order for their injuries to be properly treated, which can be…

Product Liability: Transmission Issue Leads To John Deere Recall

Many Connecticut residents use a variety of products during their daily lives, likely without considering potential hazards of those products. In many cases, not taking such considerations does not lead to any significant outcome, but unfortunately, some products could malfunction or otherwise pose an unexpected hazard that could cause serious harm. If such a situation…

Motor Vehicle Accidents May Have Fatal Outcomes For Motorcyclists

Collisions involving motorcycles and other vehicles may be some individuals’ worst nightmare. Though many motorcyclists may choose to focus on the enjoyment of the ride rather than the potential hazards, the risk of motor vehicle accidents in New Haven is often high for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, these accidents often have harrowing outcomes. A Motorcycle Crash Incident…