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Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney
Legal Team|February 17, 2021|Blog,Firm News

So you or a family member have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident or a slip or fall or a construction site accident. Maybe you have been injured or a family member has died as a result of medical malpractice. So let me raise this important question; how should you choose your personal…

Sharing the road with motorcycles
Legal Team|May 2, 2018|Blog,Firm News

Another horrific crash involving a motorcycle occurred this April in Hamden. This is just the latest in a string of motorcycle accidents that remind us that as the weather changes, motorcycles begin populating Connecticut roads once more. While these two-wheeled vehicles are fast and can maneuver quickly, they don’t offer much in terms of driver…

Medical malpractice believed to have contributed to boy’s death
Legal Team|April 4, 2018|Blog,Firm News

The death of a child is an experience that no parent wants to go through. Unfortunately, this type of scenario affects numerous families too often. In some cases, the circumstances under which the death occurred are unavoidable, but in others, someone may have been responsible for the fatal outcome. If individuals believe that medical professionals…