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Slip And Fall Accidents May Warrant Premises Liability Claims

When the owner or operator of a business fails to ensure that conditions are safe for shoppers, serious issues could arise. In some cases, individuals could become injured due to the lack of precautions taken to make sure that no hazards exist. In the event that a person does become seriously injured under such circumstances, there may be legal grounds to file a premises liability claim, as stated from a premises liability lawyer in New Haven.

A Premises Liability Claim At A Walmart In Connecticut

Connecticut residents may be interested in one out-of-state woman’s claim that was recently filed. Reports stated that she was at a Walmart shopping center when she slipped on a foreign substance that was on the floor. The incident caused her to fall, which resulted in her suffering injuries, physical impairment, pain and other negative outcomes.

The woman believes that Wal-Mart Stores East LP was responsible for these results, indicating that the company did not clean the area or ensure that it was free from hazards. Additionally, she claims that there was no warning about the potentially dangerous condition. She hopes that her claim will prove successful and allow her to gain compensation for damages and other relief.

Though some people may think that slip-and-fall accidents are minor incidents, they do have the potential to cause serious injuries. Other individuals in Connecticut who have suffered as the woman in this case has due to the unsafe conditions on someone else’s property may want to consider taking legal action. Speaking with knowledgeable New Haven personal injury lawyers could help interested parties determine whether their circumstances warrant filing premises liability claims.