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It is the responsibility of every property owner – public and private – to maintain a hazard-free atmosphere for all visitors. When that responsibility is not fulfilled, it creates the potential for serious accidents that can result in severe injuries to victims. If you have been injured while you were on a property that was owned or operated by another party, you may have grounds to seek compensation for your losses.

Property owners, tenants, their insurance companies and others will go to great lengths to avoid their responsibility in these matters, and many will try to place the blame on their victims as the negligent parties. Be sure that you have a capable attorney representing you from the outset.

Our founder, Carl A. Secola Jr., represented the plaintiff in the case of Margaret Riggione v. City of New Haven after she fell on a defective stairway, suffering fractures to her knee and arm. The city of New Haven never accepted responsibility for the accident and refused to make even a minimal settlement offer. Attorney Secola took the case to trial, and a New Haven jury awarded her $708,000 in damages.

At the Law Office of Carl A. Secola, Jr., LLC, we represent clients throughout Connecticut in all types of premises liability claims. We understand property owners’ duty to their visitors. As your attorneys, we work tirelessly to see that property owners are held accountable for the harm that they cause and that their victims are fully compensated for their losses of income, medical care, pain and suffering, and any other damages appropriate to their claims.

We have experience handling all types of premises liability claims, including those involving:

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