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Does A Foreign Object Left In The Body Warrant A Medical Malpractice Claim?
Legal Team|October 10, 2017|Blog

Many Connecticut residents may feel wary about having to seek medical attention. They may fear the outcomes of any diagnoses or worry that any necessary procedures could go awry. Unfortunately, these concerns are not unwarranted as many individuals become the victims of medical malpractice across the country every year. When faced with such a situation,…

Are Premises Liability Claims Warranted After A Fall?

Most people want to feel safe no matter where they are. Certain circumstances may make some areas or establishments seem less safe than others, but when individuals are lawfully on someone else’s property, it is important that serious hazards do not exist that could potentially cause harm. Unfortunately, many parties do become injured due to…

Rollover Car Accident May Lead to Connecticut Legal Action
Legal Team|October 3, 2017|Blog

When a serious car crash results in multiple people suffering injuries, the event could lead to additional action needing to be taken. First, medical attention will need to be provided to those injured parties. Next, those who have been negatively affected by the car accident need to determine whether the circumstances could warrant their taking…