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Product Liability: Transmission Issue Leads To John Deere Recall

Many Connecticut residents use a variety of products during their daily lives, likely without considering potential hazards of those products. In many cases, not taking such considerations does not lead to any significant outcome, but unfortunately, some products could malfunction or otherwise pose an unexpected hazard that could cause serious harm. If such a situation comes about, individuals may have reason to file a product liability claim in New Haven.

The John Deere Recall of D105 Lawn Tractors

This type of claim could potentially result from a recent recall. Reports stated that the John Deere company has recalled its model D105 lawn tractors. The reason for the recall relates to an issue with transmission on the tractors that may cause them to fail. The product was sold across the country between February 2016 and July 2017.

The tractor could potentially crash while in use, which could result in injuries. The report went on to state that approximately 25,000 lawn tractors had been affected by the recall as well as 500 transmissions sold separately. Individuals with this mower were encouraged to discontinue use. At the time of the report, no injuries associated with the transmission issue had been reported.

An issue with this type of product could easily pose a significant hazard to consumers. If Connecticut residents have suffered serious injuries due to the product involved in this recall or by other defective or dangerous products, they may wish to consider seeking compensation.

Information on filing products liability claims could help negatively affected parties determine whether such legal action could suit their particular circumstances. Consulting with experienced personal injury attorneys in New haven may help interested parties gain such information.

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