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Medical malpractice results in surgical error

Having a health issue can cause any Connecticut resident to feel frightened. An individual may feel a bit more calm after learning that a surgical procedure or other treatment could help address his or her condition. Unfortunately, this sense of calm may be short-lived after learning that more problems were created due to medical malpractice.

One woman in another state suffered such an outcome after needing an operation. A mass had reportedly formed on her adrenal gland, and as a result, she was supposed to have the mass and gland removed through a surgical procedure. Rather than removing the gland, however, the surgeon removed that woman’s healthy right kidney by mistake. The woman was not immediately made known of the error, and it was approximately one week after the surgery that she was told.

Now, the woman suffers from kidney disease, mental distress, pain and other issues due to the doctor’s error. She also had to undergo an additional surgery in order to have the adrenal gland properly removed. She has filed a legal claim against the doctor and the state’s surgical institute in hopes of obtaining undisclosed compensation for the negative outcomes.

While any type of medical malpractice can cause serious damage, having a healthy body part removed is an immensely grievous error. If Connecticut residents have suffered in this type of event, they undoubtedly know that hardships that follow. Physical, mental and financial difficulties can all present themselves, and negatively affected parties may want to seek compensation and justice though a lawsuit for the pain, distress and other struggles they have faced as a result.