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How Common Is Failure To Diagnose?
Legal Team|September 18, 2017|Blog

No one likes going to the doctor, but those who do are usually in a better position to get well than those who ignore their symptoms to avoid a visit. When someone’s health is in jeopardy, people hope and trust that seeing their doctor will not only provide answers, but lead them on the path…

U.S. Lawmakers Eager To Speed Progress of Self-Driving Cars
Legal Team|September 11, 2017|Blog

Automobile safety has been improving slowly but steadily for decades. Cars are now safer, more reliable and more crashworthy than ever before. But according to our New Haven car accident attorneys, there is still one major accident risk that has yet to be mitigated: human error. As long as human beings are behind the wheel,…

Millennials Are More Likely To Drive Distracted, Study Says
Legal Team|August 17, 2017|Blog

Hamden has the privilege of being located to some of the country’s best colleges and universities. These institutions not only provide quality education for our future leaders and innovators, but they also enhance the community. As fall approaches, students are getting ready to hit the books and head back to school in the New Haven…