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Premises liability claim filed against hospital after fall

Property owners and business operators have a duty to ensure that their premises remain safe for visitors and patrons. If dangerous conditions do exist, they should be attended to as soon as possible and warnings of the hazards should be present to lessen the risk of accidents. When these precautions are not taken, individuals could suffer serious injuries, and premises liability claims could result.

Connecticut readers may be interested in such a case that was recently filed in another state. Reports indicated that a woman had been at a hospital visiting a patient when she was involved in an accident. Apparently, there had been a wet substance on the floor, and due to a lack of warning of its presence, the woman slipped and fell.

Connecticut crash claims life, puts others' lives in danger

Car accidents are serious events, even if the incident is minor overall. In any type of collision, individuals can feel shaken and overwhelmed by the possibilities of what could have happened. Unfortunately, some of the most tragic possibilities do take place when a crash proves particularly severe. 

It was recently reported that a crash in Connecticut involving only one vehicle proved fatal. The driver of the vehicle apparently went onto the right shoulder of the roadway before hitting a sign and then a bridge abutment before the care overturned and landed on its roof. There were at least four individuals in the car at the time of the crash, and two of the men were reported as being brothers.

Medical malpractice claim filed after drill tip left in boy's leg

Any Connecticut parent feels apprehensive when a child must undergo a serious medical procedure. Of course, children are not immune to suffering illness or injury, and in some cases, they may need surgery to address an issue. Though everyone hopes for the best outcomes, mistakes can take place that could lead to medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a father in another state filed such a claim after his son underwent knee surgery. The procedure was apparently necessary because of a defect in his joint that causes tissue damage. After the surgery, the boy -- whose age was not given in the report -- continued to experience pain and other issues. The problems persisted to a point that the child needed to undergo additional care.

Protect the community: Hold reckless boat operators accountable

Boat accidents happen, but for one teacher it was fatal.

While the weather was nice, a Waterbury community teacher decided to take a dip in Candlewood Lake over in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Allegedly, a 65-year-old motor boat operator fatally injured the teacher during a hit-and-run. In the state of Connecticut, water vehicle drivers must report incidents like this within 48 hours to law enforcement.

Improper care for allergic reaction deemed medical malpractice

When a person needs medical attention, the outcomes of any tests or procedures are rarely predictable. A patient could have a negative reaction to certain medications or chemicals used for procedures, and in such a case, doctors would need to act appropriately in order to ensure that the patient does not suffer unnecessary harm. Of course, negligence on the part of hospital staff in such scenarios could lead to devastating outcomes and medical malpractice claims.

Connecticut readers may be interested in the results of such a claim that was filed in another state. Reports indicated that the family of a 40-year-old woman had filed the claim after the woman died while in the care of medical staff at a health center. For an undisclosed reason, the woman had to undergo a CT scan, which involves ingesting a contrast dye. The woman went into anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction to the dye.

Slippery substances could cause falls, premises liability claims

An unexpected fall is often a frightening experience. Even if the distance is only a few feet, serious injuries could result. Tripping or slipping is not uncommon, especially when the conditions of a location are not ideal. If a Connecticut resident becomes injured at a store, restaurant or on someone else's property, there may be reason to file a premises liability claim.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state filed such a claim after suffering injuries. Apparently, the woman was visiting a restaurant when a slippery substance on the floor caused her to fall. She believes that the restaurant owners did not take necessary steps to ensure that the premises conditions were safe and did not warn of the potential danger in existence.

Connecticut car accident leaves mother, child seriously injured

Being involved in an accident that leads to injuries can be a frightening experience, but when a child is also involved and injured, the situation can be beyond harrowing. Unfortunately, individuals of any age could suffer injuries in a car accident. When the event is caused by a negligent or impaired driver, negatively affected parties may feel a need to seek restitution.

Personal injury claims could result from an incident that recently took place in Connecticut. Reports stated that a pedestrian was pushing her young child in a stroller when they were hit by a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle did not remain on the scene despite the pedestrians suffering serious injuries. The mother and child were transported to an area hospital and are considered to be in stable condition.

Foreign objects in Spam could lead to products liability claims

Many people utilize prepackaged foods as part of their meals. Some Connecticut residents may simply enjoy the taste of certain items, and others may appreciate the ease that these products can provide. However, issues could arise with certain foods that leave consumers facing injury and companies facing products liability claims.

It was recently reported that a recall has been enacted that involves cans of Spam produced by Hormel. The issue apparently revolves around pieces of metal found in the food product. It was unclear what may have caused this issue, but at the time of the report, at least four claims of minor injuries had been reported in relation to the metal.

Medical malpractice: Negligence can lead to fatal outcomes

It is always a devastating time when a person's worst nightmare comes true. Though each person may have his or her own worst case scenario, for some, that event could involve instances of medical malpractice that lead to the loss of loved ones. Unfortunately, numerous individuals are affected by these tragic circumstances.

In particular, negligence can cause considerable complications and potentially fatal outcomes. Connecticut readers may be interested in such a situation that affected an out-of-state family. Reports indicated that a 32-year-old man had been taken to the hospital in 2015 due to having an immensely swollen leg. It was later determined that the man had a bacterial infection and was admitted to the critical care unit of the hospital.

Can you sue for a misdiagnosis?

You may have been suffering with symptoms for a number of years. The possibility of not knowing what is causing your pain all of this time has got to be very stressful for you. So, you go to the doctor and are finally diagnosed with having something but a second opinion says you were misdiagnosed. Why is this happening? What can you do?

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