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Successful Medical Malpractice Claims May Yield Awards For Damage
Legal Team|December 28, 2017|Blog,Medical Malpractice

Losing a loved one under any circumstances can be tough for Connecticut residents to handle. Some deaths may be somewhat expected, as those that involve long-term illness and others may come completely out of nowhere. Unfortunately, the actions or inaction of other people can sometimes contribute to these unexpected deaths, and if a doctor or…

Crib Mattresses Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
Legal Team|December 21, 2017|Blog,Products Liability

Parents of young children often want to do whatever they can to protect their kids. This desire typically leads Connecticut parents to use child-safe products in hopes of avoiding any unfortunate accidents that could involve their children. However, some issues with certain products may not become known until after distribution, and if injuries occur, parents…

Corded Window Blinds: Dangerous In Homes With Young Children
Legal Team|December 19, 2017|Blog

Most homes have window blinds. Families with children younger than 9 should carefully inspect their blinds, curtains, and other window adornments to prevent a tragedy from occurring. Exposed pull and tilt cords — along with tightly threaded inner cords — have the potential of strangling toddlers and youngsters who get wrapped up in them while…