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Foreign objects in Spam could lead to products liability claims

Many people utilize prepackaged foods as part of their meals. Some Connecticut residents may simply enjoy the taste of certain items, and others may appreciate the ease that these products can provide. However, issues could arise with certain foods that leave consumers facing injury and companies facing products liability claims. It was recently reported that…

Products liability: Honeywell issues hard hat recall

Individuals in various industries utilize tools to help keep them safe and to help them carry out their work-related duties. When equipment does not function properly, the risk for workplace injuries could increase. If a worker does become injured due to a defective product, they may have reason to explore various options for seeking compensation,…

Recall of pacifier holders may prompt products liability claims

After having a child, many parents feel that their senses of worry increase considerably. As a result, they often want to ensure that anything they give their children does not pose any unnecessary hazards to their safety. Unfortunately, some products may pose risks that are not obvious, and children could potentially suffer harm. In cases…