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I have just been injured in an accident but I have a prior injury or pre-existing condition. Can I still bring a claim?
Legal Team|April 12, 2021|Blog,Injuries

You have just been injured in an automobile accident, or perhaps a in a slip and fall on ice. Before suffering the injuries in this accident, you had sustained a similar injury or injuries at some time in the past. Maybe your prior injuries were no longer bothering you, or prior to this accident you…

When College Fun Ends In Death, Is Suing Possible?
Legal Team|March 8, 2018|Blog,Injuries

The New Haven area is not short on colleges. According to at least one list, there are more than two dozen of them within 30 miles of the city, including Yale. Post-secondary education is a big part of growing up. The focus is supposed to be on learning, but it would be na├»ve to say…