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Does A Foreign Object Left In The Body Warrant A Medical Malpractice Claim?

Many Connecticut residents may feel wary about having to seek medical attention. They may fear the outcomes of any diagnoses or worry that any necessary procedures could go awry.

Unfortunately, these concerns are not unwarranted as many individuals become the victims of medical malpractice across the country every year. When faced with such a situation, negatively affected people may wish to consider their legal options, such as hiring a New Haven medical malpractice lawyer.

A Procedure Gone Horribly Wrong

One man in another state may be looking to such avenues after an object was left inside his leg after a procedure. Reports stated that the man has diabetes and had gone to a VA hospital in order to gain medical attention, including the potential repair of blood vessels. During the procedure, a 10-inch long piece of plastic tubing used in catheter packaging was left inside the man’s leg.

The mistake was not discovered until three weeks later when the man had to have his leg amputated. During this surgery, three inches of the tubing was found, and the remaining seven inches were later discovered in the amputated leg. The report went on to state that this hospital has presented numerous other issues when it comes to patient safety.

When a medical mistake leads to serious outcomes for a patient, it is not unusual for the negatively affected party to feel uncertain about how to deal with the problem. However, because many of the damages can have considerable impacts, pursuing compensation may be warranted.

What To Do If You Have Suffered Serious Damages Due to Medical Malpractice

If Connecticut residents believe that they have suffered serious damages due to medical malpractice, they may want to look into possibly hiring a personal injury attorney in New Haven for addressing any wrongdoing.

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