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Foreign objects in Spam could lead to products liability claims

Many people utilize prepackaged foods as part of their meals. Some Connecticut residents may simply enjoy the taste of certain items, and others may appreciate the ease that these products can provide. However, issues could arise with certain foods that leave consumers facing injury and companies facing products liability claims.

It was recently reported that a recall has been enacted that involves cans of Spam produced by Hormel. The issue apparently revolves around pieces of metal found in the food product. It was unclear what may have caused this issue, but at the time of the report, at least four claims of minor injuries had been reported in relation to the metal.

The report also stated that 228,000 lbs. of the meat product had been recalled. The packaging is labeled SPAM Classic and is stamped with a “best by” date indicating Feb. 2021. The recall is also effective nationwide as the product was shipped throughout the country. It was also noted that a Hormel product shipped out of the country was also affected by the recall.

When there are foreign objects in food products, consumers can easily suffer negative effects. Though the injuries associated with this recall were considered minor, more serious harm could result. Those in Connecticut who are significantly affected by this product or other similar issues may have reason to file legal claims against the manufacturers. Information on products liability lawsuits could help interested parties learn more about this legal option and whether their circumstances could warrant taking on such an endeavor.