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Recall of pacifier holders may prompt products liability claims

After having a child, many parents feel that their senses of worry increase considerably. As a result, they often want to ensure that anything they give their children does not pose any unnecessary hazards to their safety. Unfortunately, some products may pose risks that are not obvious, and children could potentially suffer harm. In cases when a defective item results in injury, parents may have reason to file products liability claims.

Connecticut parents may be interested in a recent recall issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Reports indicated that the recall pertained to pacifier and teether holders manufactured by the brand Dr. Brown’s. Apparently, the holders consist of a ribbon that attaches to the pacifier or teether to prevent the child from losing it.

The issue with the product relates to a snap on the ribbon that can come off of the product. As a result, the detachment could pose a choking hazard. At the time of the report, no injuries had been reported. Nonetheless, nearly 600,000 holders had been sold in the United States by various retailers, and 67 reports had been made in relation to the snap detachment issue.

Though no injuries have been reported yet, it does not mean that none have taken place or will not take place. If Connecticut residents have children who have been injured due to the issues related to this product, they may want to consider their legal options. Filing products liability claims could allow them to pursue compensation for resulting injuries, medical expenses or other allowable damages.

Source:, “Pacifier Holder Recall: Choking Hazard Leads to More Than Half a Million Baby Products Recalled“, Tim Marcin, March 16, 2018