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Recall of pacifier holders may prompt products liability claims

After having a child, many parents feel that their senses of worry increase considerably. As a result, they often want to ensure that anything they give their children does not pose any unnecessary hazards to their safety. Unfortunately, some products may pose risks that are not obvious, and children could potentially suffer harm. In cases…

Connecticut car crash involving teens results in injuries

When young people are hurt in car accidents, entire communities can feel upset by the events. Of course, the families of the young ones involved in the car crash and the injured individuals themselves will undoubtedly feel the greatest impacts. Even if a teen driver causes an accident that results in the injury of another…

Falls over dangerous hazards may lead to premises liability suits

Hazards can be everywhere. Someone could easily become involved in an unexpected accident that results in serious injuries. Of course, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that hazards are kept to a minimum and that patrons and other visitors are aware of any potentially dangerous conditions. If this does not take place, a person…