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What circumstances may warrant a medical malpractice claim?
Legal Team|March 10, 2018|Blog

If Connecticut residents have suffered due to hospital negligence, they may face many long-term effects that can greatly impact their lives. Even if individuals did not suffer the injuries themselves, they may have lost loved ones due to medical malpractice. In either situation, parties who have suffered may have reason to file legal claims that…

When College Fun Ends In Death, Is Suing Possible?
Legal Team|March 8, 2018|Blog,Injuries

The New Haven area is not short on colleges. According to at least one list, there are more than two dozen of them within 30 miles of the city, including Yale. Post-secondary education is a big part of growing up. The focus is supposed to be on learning, but it would be na├»ve to say…

A Truck Accident Claims A Life In Connecticut

After a fatal accident takes place, many individuals are often left looking for more information. Many times, it can take time for investigators to determine exactly what happened after a car or truck accident, but that information can be useful in many ways, especially if one hires a truck accident lawyer in New Haven. If…