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Falls over dangerous hazards may lead to premises liability suits

Hazards can be everywhere. Someone could easily become involved in an unexpected accident that results in serious injuries. Of course, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that hazards are kept to a minimum and that patrons and other visitors are aware of any potentially dangerous conditions. If this does not take place, a person could be injured and have reason to file a premises liability claim.

Connecticut readers may be interested in such an event that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a man recently filed a lawsuit against a sports bar after he fell on the premises. Apparently, the man was visiting the establishment when he tripped over a broken wooden post. As a result, he fell and suffered injuries that he described as “severe and permanent” and also suffered pain, medical expenses and other damages.

The man believes that the company was negligent due to leaving a dangerous hazard on the property and also failing to warn of the hazard. The man is now seeking compensation from the company and one individual for resulting damages. Reports indicated that he is pursuing an amount over $50,000.

When another person or entity is responsible for injuries, taking legal action may allow an injured party to obtain monetary restitution for damages. Serious injuries can lead to a number of hardships, and considering filing premises liability claims could help. Connecticut residents who have been injured in similar situations may wish to learn more about this legal avenue and whether it may suit their circumstances.

Source:, “Brazz Monkee sued over customer’s trip, fall“, Angelica Saylo Pilo, March 8, 2018