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Products liability: Strollers still on market despite injuries

Using any type of product could come with certain hazards. Generally, with proper use, most products do not pose a significant risk of harm to consumers. However, if a product has a defect or other issue that leads to injuries to individuals who use the item, the company that makes the product may need to address the issue. Additionally, parties who have been harmed may have reason to file products liability claims.

Medical malpractice claim filed on behalf of late Bill Paxton

In some cases, a loved one's death can leave surviving family members with many questions. If the passing was unexpected, they may wonder what exactly contributed to the death and whether anyone else might have been at fault. In instances of medical malpractice, mistakes or other negligence on the part of medical staff could have factored into the loss of a loved one.

When truck drivers snooze, bad things happen

A Connecticut truck driver died on Interstate 91 late last month. Troopers say a Peterbilt tractor-trailer slammed into the back of another tractor-trailer that had slowed because of traffic from a line painting project. The Peterbilt then hit four other cars before crashing through a guardrail. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Three other motorists suffered minor injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents can easily claim lives in Connecticut

When a fatal accident occurs, there may be many steps that surviving family members need to handle. Unfortunately, fatal motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon, and often, individuals who have acted recklessly or negligently have caused the incidents. In such cases, family of the deceased victims may have cause to pursue legal action against the drivers and/or other parties considered responsible.

Damage, death caused by sepsis may stem from medical malpractice

Any type of infection could pose serious risks to Connecticut patients. Due to the potential for complications, it is important that medical professionals properly diagnose and treat infections and other conditions before they worsen. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, and patients can suffer further complications. If problems do occur, individuals may have reason to file medical malpractice claims.

Verdicts & Settlements

Jura v Denegris / Bicyclist injured in collision with motor vehicle; a New Britain jury awarded the plaintiff $3,091,700.00 Less 10%. for comparative negligence reducing the net verdict to $2,782,530.00. The highest offer made by the defendants prior to the verdict was in $50,000. 00

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