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Medical malpractice claim filed on behalf of late Bill Paxton

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

In some cases, a loved one’s death can leave surviving family members with many questions. If the passing was unexpected, they may wonder what exactly contributed to the death and whether anyone else might have been at fault. In instances of medical malpractice, mistakes or other negligence on the part of medical staff could have factored into the loss of a loved one.

Connecticut residents may be interested in a recent lawsuit filed by the estate of late actor Bill Paxton. Approximately one year ago, Paxton had undergone heart surgery due to suffering from a bulge that affected a blood vessel wall and in order to have his bicuspid aortic valve replaced. About two weeks after the procedure, complications from the surgery reportedly led to Paxton suffering a stroke that proved fatal.

Now, his family and estate have recently filed a wrongful death claim against the surgeon and the hospital where the procedure took place. They believe that the doctor did not disclose information regarding the risks of the procedure and that he lacked the experience to properly perform the surgery. They also believe that the doctor’s and hospital’s various other forms of negligence led to Paxton’s death.

It can take some time after the death of a loved one to determine the best possible courses of action, especially when medical malpractice is suspected. If Connecticut residents believe that medical negligence led to the death of their loved ones, they may wish to consider whether filing a claim could suit their circumstances. Information on this type of legal route may help them during the decision-making process.

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