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New Haven Products Liability Attorneys

If a manufacturing defect, design flaw or unlabeled hazard in a consumer product seriously injured you anywhere in Connecticut, we at the Law Office of Carl A. Secola, Jr., LLC, in New Haven will protect your right to pursue maximum financial compensation.

Our track record of success with litigation of products liability accident injury cases statewide is the result of years of experience and in-depth knowledge of product defect and malfunction cases. We also provide attentive personal service for every client. You will appreciate our established reputation for thorough investigation, skillful negotiation with a negligent party’s insurance company and aggressive advocacy in court.

Every year, thousands of poorly designed, defective products make it to the U.S. marketplace and cause personal injury and wrongful death. Timing is essential in pursuing these cases because they can be more complex than they first appear. It is important that a product liability claim against a manufacturer, designer or retailer of a dangerous product be undertaken immediately following the reported accident.

Our hard work often involves obtaining investigative findings from a broad range of expert resources. We are associated with product liability professionals and researchers whose valuable insights, training, education and skills serve to shorten what can often be a protracted, costly discovery process.

Contact our firm if one of the following products, or any other product, malfunctioned or proved defective and seriously injured you or someone close to you:

  • Appliances
  • Power tools
  • Work machines
  • Household products
  • Children’s products and toys
  • Automobile air bags, seat belts, parts and tires
  • Medical devices
  • Boats
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Furniture
  • Flammable clothing
  • Lawnmowers
  • Propane tanks

In proving products liability cases, it is necessary to show the following:

  • The defect existed in the design of the product, which occurred prior to production.
  • The product defect became apparent during the manufacturing, construction or production stage.
  • The defect was determined after the product’s introduction to the marketplace due to improper instructions to consumers about its dangers.

If you or your family member sustained a serious or catastrophic injury to the brain or spinal cord due to the use of a defective, improperly manufactured product, we are experienced product liability lawyers who will work closely with you to maximize financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

We offer free consultations and work on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case. We also provide maximum availability throughout the legal process.

Contact us for a free initial consultation. Call 203-891-5265 or reach us by email. Home and hospital visits are available upon request.

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