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Crib Mattresses Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Parents of young children often want to do whatever they can to protect their kids. This desire typically leads Connecticut parents to use child-safe products in hopes of avoiding any unfortunate accidents that could involve their children. However, some issues with certain products may not become known until after distribution, and if injuries occur, parents may have reason to file a products liability claim from the help of a New Haven product liability attorney.

A Recall On Certain Crib And Toddler Mattresses

It may interest many parents to know that a recall has been issued for certain crib and toddler mattresses. The brand is Dream On Me, and the company has recalled over 23,000 mattresses that were sold in 2016. The issue with the product pertains to its flammability. Apparently, it does not meet requirements set forth by federal flammability standards.

Due to failing to meet these standards, the mattresses could potentially pose a fire hazard. At the time of the report, there had been no reported incidents involving injuries. The mattresses were sold through various online retailers, and consumers are encouraged to stop using the mattresses and to contact the company for a mattress cover that should adhere to flammability standards.

No parent wants to unnecessarily put their child at risk of injury. This type of situation can be extremely upsetting, and if children are seriously hurt due to a dangerous product, families may want to know whether they could potentially seek compensation for the damages that have occurred.

How To Gain More Information On A Product Liability Claim

If Connecticut residents have suffered injuries or have a loved one who has suffered serious injuries due to a dangerous product, they may wish to gain more information on products liability claims. If you wish to gain more information on a product liabilty claim, feel free to contact the Law Office of Carl A. Secola Jr., LLC to schedule a free consultation.