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Teen Killed In A Connecticut Car Accident
Legal Team|November 28, 2017|Blog

Many people may not think twice before getting into a vehicle as a passenger. Whether with a friend, family member or stranger driving, individuals are placing their lives into the hands of another person. Unfortunately, some drivers may not take the proper care with such a responsibility, and a serious car accident could take place….

Hoverboard Fire Risk May Lead to Products Liability Claims
Legal Team|November 21, 2017|Blog,Products Liability

When a product poses a safety risk, consumers need to know about that risk as soon as possible. Additionally, they need to know what type of problem the safety hazard could present and if there is a chance that injuries or other damage could occur. Unfortunately, many products could have defects or other issues that…

Do Drivers Have Bad Habits Behind The Wheel Near Schools?
Legal Team|November 15, 2017|Blog

Did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens? It’s a sad but true fact. And one of the most dangerous places for kids when it comes to being hit by a car? On or near their school grounds. This is not surprising, but something can be done about…