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Do Drivers Have Bad Habits Behind The Wheel Near Schools?

Did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens? It’s a sad but true fact. And one of the most dangerous places for kids when it comes to being hit by a car? On or near their school grounds.

This is not surprising, but something can be done about these accidents, from the help of a New Haven personal injury lawyer.

A Study On Teen Driving Habits

Zendrive, a road safety analytics company, recently compiled data to study driving habits around 75,000 schools across the country and the dangers to children. Using phone sensors, they measured phone use, hard braking and acceleration. They rated each state with a grade of A through F. The results were an eye-opening look into how dangerously many Americans drive around schools, one of the places where the safety of children should be a top priority.

The fact that more drivers are distracted behind the wheel is nothing new. But just how common is it? Here are four shocking statistics gathered by Zendrive’s school safety snapshot:

  • One in three drivers showed unsafe pickup or drop-off behavior in school zones.
  • The most dangerous time to be on or near roads in school zones was between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • About one in every 11 public schools nationwide is near heavy traffic such as highways.
  • 94 percent of motor vehicle collisions are from human error.
  • About 88 percent of drivers nationwide use their phones while driving, one study found, which increases your chance of an accident by 20 times.

All drivers can find room for improvement in their habits. Pondering these sobering statistics and making changes could prevent a horrible accident, which could be devastating to a child as well as the driver responsible.

What To Do If You Have Been In A Car Accident Near A School

Have you been in a devastating car accident near a school property? If so, it might be best to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer in New Haven from the Law Office of Carl A. Secola Jr., LLC. Our attorneys have 20+ years of experience dealing with insurance companies so you don’t have to. Call (203)-891-5265 for legal assistance today.