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Medical malpractice leads to the loss of fetus

The loss of an unborn child can have a tremendous effect on anyone. When individuals believe that the loss occurred due to the negligence of hospital staff members, it can be an even more traumatic experience. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is not unheard of and can warrant medical malpractice claims in some cases.

Connecticut readers may be interested in this type of event that took place out of state. Reports indicated that a woman who was 14 weeks pregnant had gone to the hospital due to a urinary tract infection and kidney stones. The woman had a high heart rate, fever and nausea, but she was discharged from the hospital nonetheless. She was also not given any antibiotics to treat the infection.

The woman returned to the emergency room the next day due to fever and rapid heart rate, and she was diagnosed with sepsis from the infection. The woman was treated and was able to recover, but the fetus did not survive. The couple settled with the doctor involved in the case, but continued with a trial against the hospital for negligence. Recently, a jury ruled in the couple’s favor and awarded them $1.36 million.

When doctors do not take the proper steps to treat a patient, tragedies can occur. As this case shows, taking legal action may be warranted when medical malpractice is believed to have caused negative outcomes. If Connecticut residents have faced similar circumstances or faced otherwise harmful outcomes due to medical negligence, they may wish to gain more information on their legal options for seeking compensation and justice.