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Medical malpractice claim filed after drill tip left in boy’s leg

Any Connecticut parent feels apprehensive when a child must undergo a serious medical procedure. Of course, children are not immune to suffering illness or injury, and in some cases, they may need surgery to address an issue. Though everyone hopes for the best outcomes, mistakes can take place that could lead to medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a father in another state filed such a claim after his son underwent knee surgery. The procedure was apparently necessary because of a defect in his joint that causes tissue damage. After the surgery, the boy — whose age was not given in the report — continued to experience pain and other issues. The problems persisted to a point that the child needed to undergo additional care.

The boy’s father stated that the doctors involved with the initial procedure failed to keep a proper count of the instruments used. This was determined after it was discovered that the tip of a surgical drill had been left in the boy’s knee. The father is seeking compensation on his son’s behalf as they believe that the staff did not take proper steps to ensure that all instruments were accounted for.

It can be immensely difficult to see a child in pain, and parents may not know the right steps to take. When it turns out that medical professionals contributed to a child’s pain due to errors, it can seem even more difficult to deal with. In this type of situation, Connecticut parents may have reason to to file medical malpractice claims in order to seek compensation for their child’s pain and suffering, additional medical expenses and other damages.