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Slippery substances could cause falls, premises liability claims

An unexpected fall is often a frightening experience. Even if the distance is only a few feet, serious injuries could result. Tripping or slipping is not uncommon, especially when the conditions of a location are not ideal. If a Connecticut resident becomes injured at a store, restaurant or on someone else’s property, there may be reason to file a premises liability claim.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state filed such a claim after suffering injuries. Apparently, the woman was visiting a restaurant when a slippery substance on the floor caused her to fall. She believes that the restaurant owners did not take necessary steps to ensure that the premises conditions were safe and did not warn of the potential danger in existence.

The claim indicates that she suffered injuries as a result of the accident, but details were not given on the exact injuries. She did state that she suffered pain and disfigurement and has also had to endure medical costs and lost wages. It was unclear what exact amount of compensation she may hope to achieve in the event that her legal claim proves successful.

Though many people may disregard a fall as a serious incident, severe injuries could easily result from such an event. Broken bones, lacerations, contusions and head injuries are just a few of the outcomes that could have lasting impacts on a person after a slip and fall. If individuals in Connecticut have suffered these or any other serious negative outcomes, they may wish to learn more about premises liability.