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Improper care for allergic reaction deemed medical malpractice

When a person needs medical attention, the outcomes of any tests or procedures are rarely predictable. A patient could have a negative reaction to certain medications or chemicals used for procedures, and in such a case, doctors would need to act appropriately in order to ensure that the patient does not suffer unnecessary harm. Of course, negligence on the part of hospital staff in such scenarios could lead to devastating outcomes and medical malpractice claims.

Connecticut readers may be interested in the results of such a claim that was filed in another state. Reports indicated that the family of a 40-year-old woman had filed the claim after the woman died while in the care of medical staff at a health center. For an undisclosed reason, the woman had to undergo a CT scan, which involves ingesting a contrast dye. The woman went into anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction to the dye.

Rather than giving the woman epinephrine to address the anaphylaxis, the doctor simply gave her an antihistamine. The incident proved fatal for the woman. Her family filed a malpractice lawsuit in hopes of receiving compensation, and a jury recently ruled in their favor. As a result, they were awarded $29.5 million.

As this case shows, negligent actions on the part of medical professionals can easily have fatal outcomes. If Connecticut residents have lost loved ones due to medical malpractice, they may want to consider taking legal action of their own. Speaking with experienced attorneys about their particular cases may allow interested parties to gain useful evaluations.