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Safety issues at hospitals may point to medical malpractice

Because going to the hospital can be a frightening experience for anyone, Connecticut patients and their families want to ensure that the best care is being received. Unfortunately, even if individuals think they are going to a reputable hospital, they could still end up the victims of medical mistakes. When this happens, many people choose to move forward with medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a hospital in another state is currently under investigation due to concerns. Apparently, the hospital caters to pediatric heart patients and has seen an increase in the mortality rate of these patients. Additionally, since 2016, there were two cases in which foreign objects had been left in patients after surgery. In both cases, needles were left behind.

The Agency for Health Care Administration in that state has the issues under review. However, the hospital claimed that the visit from AHCA agents was routine, while the administration stated that it was part of the investigation. The report also stated that the family of a young girl who had a needle left in her heart had already filed and settled a lawsuit with the hospital.

Serious issues could occur at any hospital, even ones that boast safety. If Connecticut residents have suffered due to medical mistakes or negligence, they may feel a myriad of emotions and face considerable struggles. Because these problems can have such negative outcomes, affected individuals may wish to explore more information on medical malpractice claims. Successful claims could allow harmed parties to obtain compensation for damages from culpable individuals.

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