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Medical malpractice could cause severe injuries, like paralysis

Many patients in Connecticut worry that their doctors or other medical staff members will make a mistake. Unfortunately, errors commonly occur as a result of medical malpractice, and one of the most frequent issues relates to medical negligence. When staff members do not properly attend to their patients, injuries and illnesses could easily get worse and have even more detrimental effects.

One man in another state filed a lawsuit after becoming the victim of such circumstances. Reports stated that the man became paralyzed from the waist down after seeking medical attention for a back injury. The injury was apparently made worse, resulting in the paralysis, when medical staff members required the man to move around during multiple tests.

The man claimed medical negligence in the lawsuit filed against the hospital, and the jury involved in his case recently came to a verdict. They ruled in the man’s favor and found the medical clinic negligent. As a result, he was awarded $7.9 million for resulting damages. A statement issued from the hospital indicated that they believed the man should have gone to an emergency room for treatment before coming to its facility.

When Connecticut residents suffer harm at the hands of medical professionals, they may lose faith in doctors and other staff members to properly treat them. Additionally, they may have to contend with serious or even permanent injuries caused by negligent actions. If so, injured parties may want to determine whether taking legal action could suit their needs. As this case shows, filing medical malpractice claims could help interested individuals pursue just compensation.

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