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Lack of proper care can lead to harm, medical malpractice claims

When a loved one needs medical treatment, it can often be difficult for family members to stand by and feel as if they can do nothing to help. Often, in order to offset these negative feelings, they tell themselves that their loved ones are in the hands of medical professionals and, therefore, receiving the best care. Unfortunately, Connecticut professionals do not always provide the appropriate care, and medical malpractice could lead to issues.

Because medical negligence and errors are not uncommon, malpractice lawsuits often take place. One case in another state recently came to a verdict for a woman and her family. Reports stated that the woman had suffered a stroke in 2013 and had been sent to a special facility for care. However, the woman’s condition continued to decline, and the family stated that she did not receive proper medical attention from attending physicians.

The family believes that the lack of proper care resulted in the woman’s condition worsening to a point at which she became paralyzed on one side of her body and has only limited use of her other side. A medical malpractice claim was filed, and the court recently found the hospital and two doctors negligent. As a result, the family was awarded $25 million in compensation.

Issues resulting from medical malpractice can have lasting or even fatal outcomes. As this case shows, patients and their loved ones may have reason to file legal claims when considerable harm is suffered due to the negligence of medical professionals. If Connecticut residents believe that they have suffered due to similar circumstances, they may wish to obtain information on their legal options.

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