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Object Left After Surgery Leads To Medical Malpractice Claim

Needing surgery can cause Connecticut residents to have mixed reactions, as certain mistakes could lead to one needing a medical malpractice lawyer in New Haven. Some individuals may feel relieved that they are in line to receive treatment for an ailment, and others may feel nervous about having to undergo an operation.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice could result in a surgical event going wrong, and patients may find themselves suffering as a result.

Surgeon Accused Of Leaving Metal Object In Woman’s Leg

A woman in another stateĀ filed a legal claim after being affected by such a situation. Reports stated that she had undergone a surgical procedure for varicose veins. The woman claims that she experienced considerable pain in the days after the surgery, and she ended up making a trip to the emergency room for an examination. It was apparently discovered there that a piece of metal had been left in her thigh.

It was unclear what the exact object left behind was, but nonetheless, the woman has filed a legal claim against the surgeon and the medical center for negligence. She has reportedly suffered injuries and scarring as a result of the incident and hopes to obtain compensation for damages. An exact monetary amount for her desired restitution was not given in the report.

The idea of having an object left behind after surgery may cause many people to second-guess whether they should go through with a procedure. Though this type of situation is not altogether common, it and other instances of medical malpractice can easily cause substantial harm to patients.

What To Do If You Have Been Affected By Medical Negligence

If Connecticut residents have been negatively affected by such negligence or other errors, they may wish to consider filing legal claims of their own, which can be done by contacting the Law Office of Carl A. Secola Jr., LLC today to schedule a free consultation.