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Fall at Olive Garden Restaurant Led To A Premises Liability Claim

After suffering a serious injury, the difficulties individuals could face may place considerable hardships on their lives. Connecticut residents in such a predicament may wonder what they can do about addressing those challenges, especially when it comes to financial hardship.

If the injury was caused by negligence on the part of a property owner or operator, a premises liability claim from the help of a New Haven premises liability lawyer may help one to pursue compensation.

A Fall At An Olive Garden Restaurant

One woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit for this reason. Reports stated that the woman had been at an Olive Garden restaurant when she fell outside the building. The woman claims that uneven rocks along the sidewalk caused her to trip. The incident resulted in her injuring her arm, though exact details on the injury were not provided in the report.

She believes that Darden Restaurants Inc. is liable for her injuries. She claims that the company did not properly inspect the property and did not warn patrons of the potential hazard. She is hoping the lawsuit will allow her to pursue compensation for the damages suffered as a result of the incident, court fees and other applicable expenses.

A fall can cause many types of serious injuries. If Connecticut residents have been in similar situations as this woman in which hazardous property conditions led to an injury, they may wish to consider filing premises liability claims of their own.

Determining The Best Course of Action After A Fall

Speaking with knowledgeable New Haven personal injury attorneys about this option may help them determine whether following this route could best suit their particular circumstances and help them seek compensation for permissible damages.