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Connecticut Car Accident Leads to Multiple Injuries

Car crashes are a relatively common event. Unfortunately, these incidents rarely become easier to take note of as they often result in serious or fatal injuries. A car accident often affects numerous people, and it may take multiple individuals a considerable amount of time to recover from injuries that such an event may cause.

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Motor Vehicle Accident In Connecticut Results In Multiple Injuries

It was recently reported that an accident in Connecticut resulted in multiple individuals suffering injuries. Apparently, the incident involved a moving vehicle and a parked car.

There were three male individuals inside the moving car at the time of the incident. The ages of those occupants were not given in the report. Their vehicle crashed into the parked car for unknown reasons at approximately 1:15 p.m.

The three individuals in the moving car all suffered injuries. The severity of those injuries was not disclosed, but they were hospitalized for treatment.

It was noted that they were not considered to be in critical condition. Authorities were continuing to investigate the incident, and there were no additional updates on the accident or the injured parties at the time of the report.

Could A Personal Injury Claim Result From This Car Accident?

Because this car accident resulted in multiple individuals suffering injuries, it is possible that personal injury claims could result, and a car accident lawyer in New Haven could be hired.

The passengers in the vehicle may have legal grounds to file civil claims against the driver considered at fault for the Connecticut incident.

Successful claims could allow them to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages permitted under state law. Information on taking this course of action may help them determine whether it could suit their circumstances.