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Surgical Errors Often Lead to Medical Malpractice Claims

Needing to undergo surgery can cause many Connecticut residents to feel very uneasy. This type of invasive procedure may be necessary in order for a serious medical condition to be addressed, but accepting this necessity can be difficult. This apprehensive feeling is sometimes warranted, as medical malpractice in the form of surgical errors is not uncommon, as stated from a medical malpractice lawyer in New Haven.

A Connecticut Case of Medical Malpractice

Connecticut residents may be interested in one woman’s case involving a surgical mistake. Reports indicated that the woman needed to have the right lobe of her thyroid removed due to potential cancer concerns. The doctor in charge of performing the surgery requested that she confirm what she was to have done, but when she stated that the procedure should be performed on her right thyroid lobe, the doctor told her she was wrong.

The surgeon stated that it was the left side to be removed and allegedly spoke with another physician to confirm. As a result, the left lobe of the thyroid was removed. The woman believes the doctor did not properly review her medical records and removed the wrong portion of her thyroid. As a result, the woman has filed a malpractice claim against the surgeon, the medical center and another doctor.

Surgical mistakes not only put patients at risk of additional problems, but, as with this woman, the initial issue may not be properly addressed.

What To Do If You Have Been Affected By Medical Malpractice

If Connecticut residents feel that their doctors were negligent in their treatments or failed to properly perform a surgical procedure, they may wish to consider their own legal options. Information on medical malpractice claims may help them determine how best to move forward.

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