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Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused By Minors May Cause Complications

Single-vehicle accidents are sometimes considered less serious than other types of crashes. However, these motor vehicle accidents can just as easily result in severe injuries or fatalities. It is not uncommon for parties involved in such events to require medical treatment or hospitalization in order for their injuries to be properly treated, which can be paid for with the help of a New Haven car accident lawyer.

A Car Accident That Put Two Teenagers In The Hospital

It was recently reported that two Connecticut teenagers ended up in the hospital after a single-car crash. Reports stated that the incident occurred just before midnight when the driver of the southbound car attempted to make a turn onto another road. However, the turn was not successfully completed, and as a result, the vehicle went off the roadway and flipped down an embankment. It came to a stop after striking a tree.

The driver and passenger in the vehicle were both reported as being 17 years old. Additionally, they both suffered undisclosed injuries that required hospitalization. It was unclear what type of conditions they may have been in. At the time of the report, authorities were continuing to investigate, and additional information relating to the event may become available at a later time.

How To Determine Fault When A Car Accident Is Caused By Minors

When motor vehicle accidents are caused by minors, it may seem difficult to determine against whom personal injury claims could be filed. However, if the passenger in this incident suffered serious injuries, his parents may have cause to file a civil claim against the driver, as well as the owner of the vehicle the teen was driving. The advice of a Connecticut personal injury attorney may help them determine which course of action may best suit their circumstances.