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A Lack of Communication Could Lead To Medical Malpractice Claims

When medical staff do not act appropriately and fail to provide needed care to a patient, serious problems could result. In some cases, the issues may not present themselves until years later, but the damage could have permanent effects on a person’s life. When such a situation arises, some individuals may find it reasonable to file medical malpractice claims with a Connecticut personal injury attorney against the parties believed responsible.

A Burlington Hospital Was Sued Due To Negligence

Connecticut residents may be interested in one family in another state who have recently decided to take such action. The situation began in 2013 when the couple’s son was born. At the time of his birth, he showed no indicators of abnormalities, but he had difficulty breastfeeding. The child began to drop in body weight, his body temperature lowered and he stopped breathing intermittently. The issues apparently related to the baby being malnourished.

Rather than informing the neonatal ICU doctor that the child was malnourished, other staff members allegedly stated that there was “good intake” when feeding. As a result, there was a delayed diagnosis of low blood sugar and malnutrition. The parents also claim that they were not told of all of their child’s medical issues. As the child grew older, he showed signs of developmental delays, and after these issues, the family learned of the problems he suffered as a newborn. This information led the family filing a lawsuit against the hospital for negligence.

Taking Legal Action Today

When information is not properly shared between medical staff, patients and other applicable parties, problems for the patients could easily come about. A lack of communication could be considered negligent actions, and as the family in this case chose to do, taking legal action with the help of a New Haven medical malpractice lawyer may be a viable course of action. Connecticut residents who have faced similar wrongdoing may wish to look into their options for medical malpractice claims.