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New Haven Medication Error Lawyers

Medications have proven to be very effective in the treatment of many illnesses. Just because a particular drug helps with a particular condition does not make it the right option for every patient. Drug allergies, cross-reactions with other medications, proper dosages and other issues must all be considered in the selection of a medication for a particular patient.

Doctors and other medical professionals have a responsibility to examine all relevant factors to ensure that the medications they prescribe and administer will provide the intended benefit for the patient without causing them any harm. If you have suffered any type of harm because of a medical professional’s medication error, you may be entitled to seek compensation for any subsequent care that was required as well as other damages.

Experienced Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorneys

At the Law Office of Carl A. Secola, Jr., LLC, we represent clients in a broad range of medical malpractice claims. We have experience handling all types of medication error cases. We understand the health complications that can result from medication errors, and we know what type of impact they can have on patients’ long-term well-being. We will do everything in our power to secure the compensation you need to recover from any ill effects you may have suffered.

We am prepared to represent you in any medication error claim, including those involving:

  • Errors by doctors who prescribe the wrong drug or wrong dosage based on the patient’s health history, known drug allergies and other factors
  • Errors by nurses who administer medications to the wrong patient or fail to confirm drug allergies
  • Errors by pharmacists who fill prescriptions with the wrong drug or dosage

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