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Medical malpractice results in surgical error

Having a health issue can cause any Connecticut resident to feel frightened. An individual may feel a bit more calm after learning that a surgical procedure or other treatment could help address his or her condition. Unfortunately, this sense of calm may be short-lived after learning that more problems were created due to medical malpractice.

Information processing issues may point to medical malpractice

Most people hope to avoiding having to go to the emergency room for any reason. Unfortunately, medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and receiving immediate medical attention may be the best course of action. While the best case scenario would involve a patient obtaining the correct diagnosis and treatment, medical malpractice could lead to much more dire outcomes.

Medical malpractice, fall leads to loved one's death

No one wants to lose a family member too soon. As a result, they may take them to the hospital when signs of a serious medical condition present themselves. While Connecticut residents may hold their breath as they wait for their loved one to get better, they may find themselves distraught to learn that medical malpractice contributed to their loved one's demise instead.

Medical malpractice leads to the loss of fetus

The loss of an unborn child can have a tremendous effect on anyone. When individuals believe that the loss occurred due to the negligence of hospital staff members, it can be an even more traumatic experience. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is not unheard of and can warrant medical malpractice claims in some cases.

Medical malpractice claim filed after drill tip left in boy's leg

Any Connecticut parent feels apprehensive when a child must undergo a serious medical procedure. Of course, children are not immune to suffering illness or injury, and in some cases, they may need surgery to address an issue. Though everyone hopes for the best outcomes, mistakes can take place that could lead to medical malpractice claims.

Improper care for allergic reaction deemed medical malpractice

When a person needs medical attention, the outcomes of any tests or procedures are rarely predictable. A patient could have a negative reaction to certain medications or chemicals used for procedures, and in such a case, doctors would need to act appropriately in order to ensure that the patient does not suffer unnecessary harm. Of course, negligence on the part of hospital staff in such scenarios could lead to devastating outcomes and medical malpractice claims.

Medical malpractice: Negligence can lead to fatal outcomes

It is always a devastating time when a person's worst nightmare comes true. Though each person may have his or her own worst case scenario, for some, that event could involve instances of medical malpractice that lead to the loss of loved ones. Unfortunately, numerous individuals are affected by these tragic circumstances.

Lack of proper care can lead to harm, medical malpractice claims

When a loved one needs medical treatment, it can often be difficult for family members to stand by and feel as if they can do nothing to help. Often, in order to offset these negative feelings, they tell themselves that their loved ones are in the hands of medical professionals and, therefore, receiving the best care. Unfortunately, Connecticut professionals do not always provide the appropriate care, and medical malpractice could lead to issues.

Medical malpractice could cause severe injuries, like paralysis

Many patients in Connecticut worry that their doctors or other medical staff members will make a mistake. Unfortunately, errors commonly occur as a result of medical malpractice, and one of the most frequent issues relates to medical negligence. When staff members do not properly attend to their patients, injuries and illnesses could easily get worse and have even more detrimental effects.

Safety issues at hospitals may point to medical malpractice

Because going to the hospital can be a frightening experience for anyone, Connecticut patients and their families want to ensure that the best care is being received. Unfortunately, even if individuals think they are going to a reputable hospital, they could still end up the victims of medical mistakes. When this happens, many people choose to move forward with medical malpractice claims.

Verdicts & Settlements

Jura v Denegris / Bicyclist injured in collision with motor vehicle; a New Britain jury awarded the plaintiff $3,091,700.00 Less 10%. for comparative negligence reducing the net verdict to $2,782,530.00. The highest offer made by the defendants prior to the verdict was in $50,000. 00

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