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New Haven Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Making the decision to put our loved ones in a nursing home is never easy. We want them to receive the best possible care, however, so we do our best to find a facility that we feel will give them the care that we cannot give them at home. These facilities have a duty to provide the necessary care to ensure their comfort and well-being.

When that duty goes unfulfilled, it creates a very dangerous situation. If you have concerns about the level of care that your loved one is receiving or suspect that there is any type of abuse happening, an experienced Connecticut premises liability attorney can intervene on their behalf. At the Law Office of Carl A. Secola, Jr., LLC, we represent nursing home residents and their loved ones in a variety of nursing home abuse matters.

Protecting Your Loved One Against Any Type Of Harm

If your loved one has suffered any type of injury or harm due to the negligence or deliberate actions of the nursing home staff, we will be there to see that the responsible parties are held accountable. We conduct a thorough investigation into every case, including a review of the facility’s internal policies and procedures. Our understanding of the law and the facilities’ duty to every resident allows us to present a compelling case in support of your loved one’s claim for damages.

We have represented clients in a broad range of nursing home abuse matters, including:

  • Negligent care
  • Failure to treat or prevent a medical condition, including bedsores
  • Malnourishment
  • Medication errors
  • Negligent security
  • Physical and emotional abuse
  • Injuries from drops and falls

Contact Our Office To Discuss Your Nursing Home Neglect Concerns

We represent clients throughout the New Haven area and across Connecticut. If your loved one has suffered any type of harm while they were under the care of a nursing home, contact our office to learn more about your rights and legal options. Reach us by phone at 203-891-5265 or send us an email to schedule a free lawyer consultation.

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