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Protect the community: Hold reckless boat operators accountable

Boat accidents happen, but for one teacher it was fatal.

While the weather was nice, a Waterbury community teacher decided to take a dip in Candlewood Lake over in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Allegedly, a 65-year-old motor boat operator fatally injured the teacher during a hit-and-run. In the state of Connecticut, water vehicle drivers must report incidents like this within 48 hours to law enforcement.

The victim was a mother of two kids and a well-liked schoolteacher in her community.

Unfortunately, for this teacher, this accident was fatal. The family may have the option to sue the operator if they wish. Survivors of these types of injuries may do the same as well.

About 19 percent of fatal boating accidents are linked to driver’s having alcohol in their system. Reckless operating such as speeding with boats, inexperience as an operator and a distracted motorist are other common causes of boat incidents. All of which, can be used as reasons to make a claim the driver is at fault.

Victims should gather as much information they can regarding the incident. It is a good idea to document details such as how fast the boat was going or the driver’s lack of attentiveness. If the victim is deceased, family members could seek to find witnesses and gather facts from the investigation.

The number of boat incidents dropped from 2016 to 2017; however, there was still 4,291 motor boat incidents in 2017. This totaled 658 deaths. It is important to report motor boat driver’s that jeopardize the safety of citizens. No one should have to risk their life when choosing to spend time unwinding in the waters of Connecticut.

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